FCF Application
Frontiersman Camping Fellowship (F.C.F)
Frontiersman Camping Fellowship is the service arm of Royal Rangers. FCF is a unique opportunity for boys as well as men to continue their Ranger experience beyond the outpost level. The Potomac District is considered the Blue Ridge Chapter.
FCF depicts life in America before the year 1850. The Blue Ridge Chapter portrays life in the Colonies. Twice yearly, there is a gathering of FCF'ers to demonstrate their skills and claim bragging rights in competitions such as: Tomahawk and Knife throwing, Flint and Steel, Fire building, Dutch Oven Cooking, Archery, Black Powder shooting and more.
FCF is living history of early American Life. Members and visitors alike revel in the atmosphere of the one of a kind Weary Traveler Inn where there is always good food and great fellowship. We welcome local school, church and home school groups to tour our camp and enjoy the flavor of the times.
Each FCF member is encouraged to develop an early American Craft or Skill. Here in the Blue Ridge Chapter, we have craftsmen and artisans who specialize in: Blacksmithing, Primitive Bow and Arrow making, Trapping and Tanning, 17th and 18th Century Tailoring, Bead work and many others.
The main purpose of FCF is to serve. Service projects to the Church and in the community is a priority. In addition, mission trips are planned through Pathfinders. Pathfinders is open to the FCF membership where missions trips are taken to remote area's of foreign Countries. Pathfinders go to these remote locations to build churches, schools, improve infrastructure and minister to the local population.

FCF… Truly a unique experience, full of challenge, adventure and fellowship.

Special note to FCF Members

All FCF members have to be annual chartered to their outpost and have paid annual FCF dues in order to participate in all Sectional and District events. If a non-current FCF member wants to rein-state their membership, all they have to do is ensure they are currently chartered through their outpost and mail in the application. No back-year payment is due any longer. Only the current year is required. Please email Chris Kroll and Scott McChesney when you mail off your application so we can update your information in our Sectional data base.

All applications have to be mailed directly to the scribe:

Tidewater South FCF Representatives

Gary Jimerson




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