Inside Up




Objects: Two balloons - one with helium inside, the other with regular air, and string.

Scripture: Matthew 7:23


Lesson: You show two balloons, in such a way that they look the same. The one with NO helium should be slightly bigger (But don't let the kids can't tell which has helium in it.)  You are going to have a race to the ceiling. They are to guess which they think will hit the ceiling first! You can even have them sit on the side of the room of the balloon they are going to cheer for.  After a TEN COUNT - release the balloons!! One will go up, the other will fall down.  They were mostly wrong - the one with the helium went up, against the expectations of the kids who thought the bigger one would.  THE POINT: It is what is INSIDE that counts! God wants us all to go up to heaven - and it is whether you have Jesus inside that determines that, NOT what you life looks like from the outside. There are also a lot of people that people assume will go to heaven, but they will fall away in the judgment, whereas others, who get into heaven might surprise you!


CAN ALSO BE USED as a lesson on the power of being filled with the Holy Spirit!