This is what you will need:


1. Three sheets of paper, one folded into an airplane that will fly

2. A balsa wood glider (or any other pre-fabricated glider) put together before the meeting.

3. A glider for each boy (Optional).


Keep all of these hidden until you are ready to show them to the boys.


OBJECT: To show the need for God's Help in our lives.



"Guys, when I was a boy I enjoyed making paper airplanes so I am going to make one tonight for you!" (Turn your back or work behind a podium and act like you are folding one of the pieces of paper into a plane. Describe how good you are at making a plane. Then hold up a piece of paper that is NOT folded at all. Talk it up about how good of a plane it is and ask one of the boys to fly it.

Obviously, at best the piece of paper will just flutter around in the air.) Ask: "What's wrong? How come it won't fly?" The response you will get (and the one you are looking for) is "Because it is not folded". At this point describe to the boys that a boy left to himself is like this piece of paper with nothing put into it. It can't fly! Even though I did it my own way with nobody telling me what to do it could not fly because it was not done right. Mention Prov. 29:15 which says, "...a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame" Now say something to this affect: " You guys were right, to fly a plane you need to fold it" At this point fold the paper into an approximate 1 inch square. Ask one of the boys to fly it. Once again ask: "Why won't it fly?" The response you need will be something like "It was not folded right" Agree that the reason it would not fly right is because it was not folded right. Tell the boys they need the right kind of inputs in their lives. According to 1 John 2:15-17 all that is in the world is bad things that will separate them from God. Now produce the paper folded into an airplane. Let one of the boys fly it. Ask: "Why does it fly?" The response " It is folded right" We need good influence in our life of adults, teachers, leaders, pastors and good friends. When we are shaped good by these folks we will become model citizens, good students, good friends, etc. YET TO MAKE IT INTO HEAVEN WE NEED SOMETHING MORE THAN WHAT PEOPLE CAN TEACH US OR GIVE US. WE NEED THE MASTER'S TOUCH. At this time produce the balsa glider; show how skill and planning and the work of a master plane builder made it. Let one of the boys fly it. Conclude by pointing out the Master Ranger must touch their life to be a Christian and to make it to heaven. Jesus is " the way, the truth, and the life," (John 14:6).  Conclude by praying with the boys allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you. A nice gesture would be to give each boy a balsa plane. I hope this devotion will be useful to someone. 


Submitted to Ranger Net by Pastor Crane "GreenTree" Outpost #310