Royal Rangers Devotions




Three Trees





A long time ago, there was a forest and in this forest there were three trees, and the three trees were happy, very happy. One day God was taking a stroll on that forest and he heard the trees talking. "When the time comes for men to cut me down" Said the first tree, "I want to be made into a chest, a beautiful and big chest where wonderful treasures are going to be stored. I want everybody to look at me and be marveled by it. That's what I want" The second tree replied: "Well, when my time comes, I want to be made into a ship that will take Kings to their destinations and will protect them from the waters below. I think that is what I want." Finally the third tree said. "Well, the only thing I want is that whenever people look at my trunk, they will look up and see heaven and remember that God is with us always and that he loves us. I guess that is what I want".

God left the forest and remembered these things. Years went by and men came to the forest. They chopped the first tree and made a small simple case. They sold it to a farmer. The farmer stored in the chest hay and the cows used to eat from it.  Years went by and one day there was a man and a young woman who just had a baby. They were looking for a place to rest but they couldn't find but a manger. The manger belonged to a farmer that had a chest. They used the chest as a cradle for this baby. The tree knew then that its wish had been fulfilled. More years went by. Men came and chopped the second tree. They made a simple fishing boat.  The boat was to be used in the lake, it was too small. The boat was used for many years. One day, the boat had some people on it, they were fishing but suddenly a terrible storm came. The boat was sure that that was the last day it was going to stay afloat. But suddenly, a man stood up, said something really loud and the weather became calm. The tree knew then that its wish had been fulfilled. A couple of years went by, the third tree was chopped down and made into a big cross. The cross was going to be used to penalize and kill a criminal. The criminal was forced to carry the cross to some hill and the criminal was nailed to it. After several hours, the criminal died. The tree knew then that its wish had been fulfilled.

Submitted by Ricardo S. Bravo