What counts is on the inside.




Objects: One full can of soda and an identical can that has been emptied out by making a tiny hole at the bottom.



Lesson: Ask who wants a free soda? Hold the two cans showing both pop-tops still intact, talk about the cans being full of delicious soda. Explain that the sodas look identical, but in fact one soda is like how Christians should be, and the other soda is how Christians should not be. Christians should have Jesus in their heart, filled with the Holy Spirit, and living with God in our minds. However, some Christians may look like this but...... shake the empty can real good and pop the top off the can over top of the boys, acting like your going to pour soda all over them. Of course your going to get a great response and explain that some people may look like their Christians but they are empty inside just like this soda can. Explain further about being like the other soda, full and filled. Close in prayer.